What Do People Say About Symblify®?

We can thank the following stories for those who let us be present in their otherwise private Symblify® sessions and for those who shared their thoughts and feelings with us. For privacy reasons, we changed their real names, but left all other details intact.

5stars purple

“It does not only help you find your way out of your ugly situation, but it gives you the energy to do something instead of thinking it over and over again.”


5stars purple

“It’s so soft, nothing is obligatory. Still, it made me face an important question I had always tried not to answer. I’m grateful for it.”


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“In just twenty minutes you can organize your thoughts and find your own solution instead of getting some standard advice in bullet points.”


Amy’s juggling with roles

Symblify Life Coach App Work Life Balance

Amy is an event manager at a company that organizes cultural and artistic events. She is 38 and has two kids. Family is a very important part of her life. She loves her job but it takes way too much time from her family. Her whole life is a big time management puzzle, juggling with her colliding roles of being a mother, a wife, and a successful event manager at the same time.

She got tired of the situation, so she decided to try a Symblify session. It’s easy for her to find the right symbol cards to describe her situation. However, the first surprise is when she realizes that she really loves her job; it’s not something she does because of money or responsibility – it’s her passion.

When she is encouraged to imagine an ideal situation, she suddenly understands that it’s not her work but the long business trips that keep her from being with her family. Other activities can be done from home and in a flexible schedule, but traveling is a big, undividable absence from her family.

She replaces a few cards and several possible solutions emerge in her mind. She chooses the symbol card showing a puzzle because she finds out that grouping close travel destinations in a more effective way can save her several days in a month. Noticing a card with a little girl on it she decides to delegate much more responsibility to her younger colleague, gradually training her into conducting negotiations with faraway partners on her own. She also realizes that some of her shorter personal meetings can easily be replaced by Skype conversations.

With an only 30-minute-long Symblify session, Amy made a lot of discoveries about her preferences and priorities, also finding concrete solutions to gain more time for her passions: her family AND her work.

5stars purple

“Good for any kind of problems? I could hardly believe it. But really, I tried it with completely different issues, and it worked. Very well, actually.”


5stars purple

Be myself more script was a deep dive into myself when I was unsatisfied with myself and my circumstances. As a result, I could plan concrete actions regarding my lifestyle and the way I want to present myself to others.


5stars purple

“I love to twiddle with those nice symbol cards. When I catch myself mumbling on my topic during a session, I know I’m on the right way.”


charlotte’s opening doors

Symblify Life Coach App career decisions

Charlotte is a 28-year-old interior designer. She has been working at a small firm for 5 years. She is really talented and has plans to be a renowned interior designer at a market-leading company in the nearby city. However, she has difficulties in making the decision of leaving her hometown. She says it’s because her boyfriend has just recently started a new bike shop there and she doesn’t want to ruin his ambitions as an entrepreneur by asking him to move. She does not even mention these plans to her boyfriend, not wanting to hurt him.

She hopes to get some inspiration from Symblify, so she starts a new session. She gets stuck at the very beginning, as she is not sure what her real question is. Somehow she senses that the whole thing is not really about her boyfriend. Finally, she asks: “What should I do to work at [the architect company] in one year?”

The session is only 20 minutes long, and the turning point is the symbol card depicting a family. She leaves its interpretation until the end, but then she suddenly realizes that it’s behind all her fears and indecisions. She also selected the ‘armchair’ symbol, and explained it earlier as her need for stability which makes it difficult for her to move on. But combining this with the family symbol, she finally finds out that it’s not her boyfriend she cannot say no – it’s her mother. She got a lot of help from her mother to become an interior designer and she feels ungrateful to stop looking after her as often as she does now.

When she decides to change the armchair symbol, she chooses ‘open door’. She is confident that she needs to have an open discussion about this with her mother, and she also has to enter this door, which means her desired career path to her. And what about her boyfriend? Charlotte laughs out loud when she puts this question to herself at the end of the session. She realizes that her boyfriend is much more flexible than she is, and probably won’t have any problem with this change.

5stars purple

“I’m a typical introvert, I really don’t like to talk about my problems. This is exactly what I needed, it really helps me deal with my things on my own.”


5stars purple

The second script is good for keeping in touch with my inner self. It helped me to become more self-aware of how much I changed in the past year.


5stars purple

It was refreshing to stop for a minute and get clear about myself – what I often fail to do in the everyday rush.


Susan’s real dilemma

Symblify Life Coach App clarify dilemma

Susan is a teacher at an elementary school. She is divorced and a mother of two children: a 9-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl. The boy goes to the same school Susan teaches at. Although this is comfortable from a logistics point of view, it has also caused several issues in the family. The school has a lot of difficult pupils who often bully the boy for being the son of a teacher. They’re not violent but causes a nuiscance for him from time to time.

Recently, Susan had to face a bigger dilemma: her daughter is going to school from September and she cannot decide which school she should choose for her. It would be obvious to choose her own school to keep the family together, but Susan knows that, after a while, her daughter might face the same problems with the classmates as her son does. The other options for schools in nearby districts would mean an extra one hour of commute every day.

Susan uses Symblify first to organize her thoughts and feelings, as her remorse makes it difficult to see things clearly. By spending 10 minutes just with the arrangement of the symbol cards and saying out loud what’s on her mind, she already feels that things are revealed. She hasn’t got the solution yet, but she knows definitely that the current situation must be changed and mustn’t be sustained.

When she has the possibility to change some of her symbols, she makes an important discovery. She realizes that they may switch school together, and find a suitable one for the whole family, where bullying is not a regular problem. Right after this idea, she suddenly understands that it’s not family logistics that make the decision hard. She is the one who does not want to leave her school, because it provides her with a real professional challenge by dealing with difficult children. Supporting these children from troubled backgrounds is her mission, and she is not sure that she could fulfill this in a different school. She does not come to a final solution in this session, but gains clarity about her real dilemma.

5stars purple

“It makes me stop jumping back and forth, and lets me think my problem through properly. Gives me focus and direction.”


5stars purple

“It’s simply beautiful. And very easy to use, with a super clean interface, especially compared to how complex and deep it is.”


5stars purple

“Fortunately, it did not reveal unknown aspects of my personality. Instead, it improved my self-awareness by deepening and organizing my thoughts about myself and my behavior.”


“The symbols fully captivated me. It’s sort of magic, but I found a real solution.” – Rachel

5stars purple

Symbols helped me to untangle my fuzzy thoughts about my behavior, and then I managed to identify the important parts and organize them in an authentic picture of me. It was a relieving feeling.


5stars purple

“It was very useful in my situation, as I’m planning to get back to work after several years. I made an up-to-date and clear picture of my strengths and weaknesses. That helped me to express my preferences and connect with others confidently.”


5stars purple

The summary one-pager of the session is really powerful. It’s easy to scan, because it’s structured in a meaningful way, highlighting the significant points. It keeps my focus on the important messages.


It always puts me in a good mood and gives me a feeling of freedom to get started.” – Jordan

5stars purple

“Usually it is hard for me to get out of my circles of self-talk. There are repeated blocks is my thoughts. Now this app has pushed me off the track and given me a good start for the change.”


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“From time to time we wish to slow and calm down to review where we are, who we are, and where we are heading. Of course, we can do it all alone, but it is much harder. Symblify makes it easy by giving guidance, capturing symbols and supportive questions.”


5stars purple

After the second usage, as I‘ve already got to know the process, it felt familiar to engage with the app. I would be happy to make a habit of reviewing my state every month.


It is so easy to use that you forget about the fact that it is an application, and you can pay full attention to your topic.” – Tim

5stars purple

I was surprised by the result of the session: the next step became so obvious. And it made me experience the fact that all the answers are lying in me. I only have to let them emerge.


5stars purple

“It gave me self-confidence. It not only made me able to accept myself more, but it helped me to rely and build on these qualities of mine.”


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