What Do You Have To Do With This As A Leader?

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Being a leader is always difficult. It comes with hard decisions, long workdays, conflicts, people problems and stress. And it always comes with responsibility. Whether we like it or not.

Very few people like responsibility in every moment of their leadership role. Sometimes we would like to withdraw ourselves into the comfortable position of the victim, and start complaining about lazy and irritating team members, crazy tasks, impossible targets, desperate circumstances, hostile other departments and of course, about our horrible boss.

Complaining and blaming others is always more comfortable than taking responsibility.

But unfortunately in a leadership position we are always responsible.

So if we ever catch ourselves complaining about those difficult problems, the best thing we can do to push ourselves back into the leaders’ seat, is to ask this simple question:

“What do I have to do with this as a leader?”

Like it or not, you always have something to do with it as a leader. If not, than it doesn’t concern your team, doesn’t affect its performance and it probably doesn’t bother you or any of your team members.

But if the problem DOES concern you or your team members, you’d better ask this question as soon as possible:

“What do I have to do with this as a leader?”

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Do you have an irritating team member? What do you have to do with this as a leader? If he’s irritating for you, he may be irritating for others as well. He probably bothers other team members, ruining their morale and hindering their performance. If you find him irritating, how do you co-operate with him when needed? Maybe you avoid him at the workplace. Than this definitely affects team performance. What do you have to do with this as a leader?

Do you have a horrible boss? His attitude and behavior must influence your mood, attitude and performance. Which will certainly influence your team members’ mood, attitude and performance. You are responsible for them. What do you have to do with this as a leader?

One of the neighboring department regularly forgets to pass on the information necessary for your team to do their job? I know that it’s outrageous and they have a really bad attitude towards work. But again, what do you have to do with this as a leader? That’s what matters when you encounter this problem from a leadership position. Even if you believe you cannot change the situation – you can always change the way your team reacts to and copes with the difficulties they encounter.

Underperforming employees? Badly organized processes? Unexpected obstacles? Unbearable clients and partners? Constant changes?

It’s ok to complain a bit about them to your personal coach, to your own leader, to your friend or couple. But don’t spend too much time with and waste too much energy on it, and especially: do not complain to your team members. Instead, ask the question:

And when you have the answer, take action. Others are counting on you.

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