Try These 4 Creative 15-min Exercises to Excel in Leadership

Sándor Sipos
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As a leadership trainer and business coach I’m often approached by leaders to suggest bite-sized learning opportunities to them. “I don’t have time for several days training programs or regular coaching sessions but I still want to deal with my self-improvement”.

Fortunately, I have some funny and creative short exercises you can do once a week to keep continuous self-improvement an organic part of your life. They only take about 15 minutes from your life a week, so you can give them a try.

Be regular: select one for every week. Bolder ones can try more of them on the same week 😉 Don’t forget to comment your experience, and share this article with your colleagues!  

1. Board of Truth

Put a whiteboard on a wall where most of your team members run into it at least once a day. Write your name on it, and: “You did this well this week” – “You could do this better this week”. Ask your colleagues to write short feedback on the board during the week (can be anonym). Take a photo of the board every Friday, erase it and spend 15 minutes to learn from the feedback. Watch as team morale increases.

2. Intentionally the Opposite

Do one thing during the week differently than you would’ve done automatically. When you make a quick, instinctive decision, stop yourself and change your decision, trying a different path. Spend 15 minutes for lessons learned.

3. Totem Anything of the Week

Pick an animal / object / superhero etc. for your week on Monday. Write down the first 3 features that come into your mind about it, select one and do something like that each day of the week. Be that thing as a leader for a week. Spend 15 minutes on Friday to answer: “What have I learned?”

4. Symblify Session

Make a 15-minute Symblify session about the most pressing issue of your week. Don’t have Symblify? Get it here >>> Symblify – Life Made Simple | The business coach in your pocket

Comment your experience. Like & share this to inspire others. 😉

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