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Are you happy with your life?

Most of us need some time to answer this question. It’s not because most of us have a miserable life, being constantly unhappy with the things going on. It’s because most of us have unresolved problems, unfinished businesses or constant challenges in our life, and when we think about being happy, we often imagine a life without these difficulties.

But there is no life without difficulties. Happiness does not mean a constant state of joy without any problems, obstacles or unexpected changes. Happiness is rather a feeling of confidence that you have the resources to deal with these difficulties, no matter how complicated they are. You are certain about your competence to beat the challenges that will undoubtedly occur in your life from time to time.

That confidence is what we can call happiness.

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Why are there so many people who cannot answer to the question above with an immediate yes? Because too many of us feel that we could do better to manage our daily problems, we could handle the difficulties in our life more efficiently, and most importantly: we could make better decisions when choosing the path of our life.

We could make better decisions when…

…choosing whether or not to start a conflict about a small thing,

…considering whether or not to ask for help when overwhelmed,

…choosing how we spend our precious time when we are not at work,

…hesitating about taking a job offer,

…trying to quit or start a habit.

Too often we are alone in these difficult situations. Too often we feel having to make a decision or solve a problem but nothing and no one is available to help us. So we try our best and the result is…

The result is that most of us cannot answer to the question “Are you happy with your life?” with a confident “Yes”.


So what can we do?

As we saw, the key to happiness is the feeling of confidence that we can manage the daily problems of our life and we can make good decisions when facing various challenges.

And to have this feeling of confidence, we have to perform better in handling these difficult situations.

The sense of achievement gained by dealing with our life problems in a more efficient way can lead us to feel confident:

Anything occurs to me, I’m prepared to handle it.”

So we need to find ways to make more reasonable decisions in tough situations. To solve our everyday problems in a more effective way. To lead our way in life more wisely and more consciously. There are methods available to get better in handling difficulties in our life with more confidence.

We can read self-help books or attend skill trainings to improve our skills. We can ask for help from a friend or family member. We can see a life coach or a therapist. All of these can be beneficial, however, each of them has its limitations.

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Self-help books

Self-help books can offer useful insights in how to perform better in life. But they cannot offer you specific answers how to manage your life better, and gain more confidence in handling your specific problems. Sometimes we can ‘translate’ these books’ messages to our own life, sometimes not. In the latter case, we had a good reading experience – but our readiness of beating our life’s challenges didn’t improve.

Skill trainings and seminars

These can be more useful than self-help books because of the personal touch. More people achieve real changes by attending them. However, they are quite expensive, requires more time to dedicate and always involves group activities with unknown people. Not everybody likes that…

Friends and family members

If you talk to a friend or family member about your problems in life, that is a good sign. It means you have people around you and you are not afraid to seek help. Keep up this good habit of sharing what’s on your mind and your heart with the ones you trust. It’s an important part of living a happy life, even if more often than not these conversations don’t lead to real solutions.

Loved ones can give you emotional support which is very important. But in most cases they cannot help you in your specific problem.

Either because they are somehow involved in it, or because they think they know the best solution and try to give you advice on it. But their solutions are their solutions, and probably won’t work with you. Often, these conversations lead to the friend or family member talking about their similar problems instead of talking about yours.


Life coaches and therapist

If you find a good professional, this is an undoubtedly efficient way of getting confidence in dealing with the difficulties in your life. They offer personal and personalized help, so you can be sure that your own specific situation will be dealt instead of getting some general words of wisdom.

However, seeing a life coach or a therapist usually needs a long-term and regular dedication of your time. Besides, this is a really expensive solution.

So what else can we do?

I’m going to show you a method which combines the advantages of the ones above without most of their disadvantages. Sounds pretty cool, but not very believable, does it? Let’s see it first and then decide for yourself.

Symblify Life Coach App

Symblify – Life Made Simple

Symblify is a brand new life coach app for iOS that offers you a chance to deal with your life’s complicated difficulties on your own, but in a way you have never done before.

It works as if you had a life coach in your pocket you can pull out anytime you need help or inspiration to solve a problem.

It is developed by life coaches and psychologists, and is built on the scientific background of neuroscience, Gestalt psychology and solution-oriented coaching.


How does it work?

In a nutshell

Symblify helps you to organize your thoughts about your current difficulty by using symbolic images. The app offers sessions to let you deal with a topic you define. In a session you can select and arrange symbol cards to describe and then to solve your actual difficulty.

These cards have different meanings to each person who use them, but their meaning always help you to think about your situation in a different way you did before. Symbolic thinking activates hidden resources in your right brain and lets you understand your real problems from a deeper point of view.

When you gain more clarity about your situation, you become able to change your perspective and discover solutions to your problem that you didn’t see before. The app also encourages you to turn your discoveries and understanding into real actions and transfer the changes in your mind into your daily life.

Symblify has a beautiful and intuitive user interface with a remarkably lean workflow. This makes it easy&fun to use even if you are thinking through a complicated problem with it.


Simple process & inspiring symbols

You can have any type of topic – a problem, a question, an idea – you would like to think through and take a step forward. You just open the app, start a new session, and phrase your topic in the form of a sentence.

You will then be asked questions and should select from randomly appearing symbol cards in order to answer these questions. Symbols awaken your right brain and make resources in your mind available that are usually in sleep mode.

Life coach guidance

Through the session, you are guided by a life coach avatar, Julia. Her speech is modeled on professional life coaches’ sentences and questions and is based on a solid psychological background.

She encourages you to speak about your thoughts and feelings, change perspectives and find new ideas. She helps you to think about your situation in an organized way, while your discoveries, solutions, and next steps are done by you yourself.

Working with symbol cards

During a session you work with symbols you select from a set of beautifully designed cards. You can move and rotate them, change their size or even throw them away and select new ones. In the meantime, you continuously think and even speak about these symbols, answering the questions your life coach avatar asks you about your situation, about your obstacles, about your desires and about your plans.

During the whole process, you use these symbol cards to think through your difficulties and your solutions in an easier, freer and more creative way.


Tangible results

At the end of each session, you are one step forward compared to where you were when you started the session. This step is sometimes enough to solve the situation. Other times you have a new question which has emerged, and you are free to put it in a new Symblify session.

You can then discuss your discoveries and resolutions with a friend or a family member, if you feel like.

Visual session memo

You get a beautiful and compact visual memo about your session that you can use as a reminder or as a starting point for your next Symblify session. You can also use Symblify’s simple and intuitive calendar function to plan your actions and track your tasks.

Amy’s story – an example for a Symblify session

Amy is an event manager at a company that organizes cultural and artistic events. She is 38 and has two kids. Family is a very important part of her life. She loves her job but it takes way too much time from her family. Her whole life is a big time management puzzle, juggling with her colliding roles of being a mother, a wife, and a successful event manager at the same time.

She got tired of the situation, so she decided to try a Symblify session. It’s easy for her to find the right symbol cards to describe her situation. However, the first surprise is when she realizes that she really loves her job; it’s not something she does because of money or responsibility – it’s her passion.

When she is encouraged to imagine an ideal situation, she suddenly understands that it’s not her work but the long business trips that keep her from being with her family. Other activities can be done from home and in a flexible schedule, but traveling is a big, undividable absence from her family.

She replaces a few cards and several possible solutions emerge in her mind. She chooses the symbol card showing a puzzle because she finds out that grouping close travel destinations in a more effective way can save her several days in a month. Noticing a card with a little girl on it she decides to delegate much more responsibility to her younger colleague, gradually training her into conducting negotiations with faraway partners on her own. She also realizes that some of her shorter personal meetings can easily be replaced by Skype conversations.

With an only 30-minute-long Symblify session, Amy made a lot of discoveries about her preferences and priorities, also finding concrete solutions to gain more time for her passions: her family AND her work.


Why is Symblify unique among other self-improvement apps?

Most of the self-improvement apps work as a habit or a goal tracker. Symblify is nothing like that. It can be used to deal with an actual problem in your life instantly.

You don’t need to use Symblify in a strict and regular way to get full of its benefits. This app is not about setting your daily goals, tracking them constantly and keeping your habits in a disciplined way. Symblify is about getting a difficult problem in your life solved, untangling a situation when you feel stuck, gaining deeper understanding and changing perspective.

It can be, however, very useful to use Symblify in a regular way to constantly deepen your self-knowledge and improve your skills in handling difficult situations alone. That leads to more confidence in dealing with any kind of difficulties in your life,

which is, as we wrote before, what we call ‘happiness’.

There are other characteristics that makes Symblify a truly unique player in the world of self-improvement apps.


It’s flexible

You can use Symblify at home, at work, or even during travel. You can start a session in your bed before getting to sleep or after waking up, in your office with a cup of coffee, on the train or in a cab. You don’t have to schedule your time with anybody – you can use it anywhere and anytime you want.

It’s fun

Dealing with problems is rarely fun – unless you do it with Symblify. Its playful workflow and wonderful symbol cards, your inner conversation during the session and the beautiful visual memo (as a tangible outcome) provides an inspiring experience. Besides your mind, it definitely touches your heart as well.

It’s specific

This app gives no general pieces of advice, no standard solutions, no vague words of wisdom. With Symblify, you can deal with your specific problem and achieve concrete results in the form of changes in perspective, confident decisions or clear next steps.


It makes you think

Symblify doesn’t give you 12 tips that will change your life (which won’t). Instead, it makes you think about your own life’s complicated problems, important questions, or small nuisances. It encourages you to find your own means of achieving solutions.

It’s easy

Using Symblify is very simple and intuitive. The user interface is clean and straightforward. And it only takes 20-30 minutes to have a meaningful session that makes a difference.

It works

The app is based on solid scientific background knowledge from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and life coaching. As it was created by psychologists and life coaches, it is also founded upon years of real-life coaching experience. It was tested by dozens of volunteers, and the app was finalized according to their detailed feedback coming from personal interviews.


What does it cost?

Most self-improvement apps uses a monthly subscription model nowadays, with a very limited free version or with a one month trial period. But when we talk about dealing with someone’s difficult situations in life, it doesn’t seem to be reasonable to provide a tool with limited features or to give a ‘lite version’ of help.

Symblify handles this differently than most self-improvement apps. It provides a full version of a premium app, but you only have to pay once and then use it for unlimited time. There is no monthly subscription or other limitations of use.

It costs $14.99 in the US Apple Store. Considering that this equals to an average self-help book on Amazon, and is only one tenth of the average hourly fee of a life coach in the US, it seems to be a fair deal. You get a lifetime access to a life coach in your pocket for the price of three Venti Caramel Frappuchinos in Starbucks…


You can also get add-ons to Symblify via in-app purchases. These include new card sets and new scripts to not only be better in dealing with difficulties in life, but also to get more self-knowledge or to overcome a creative block.

Symblify is a full app without these add-ons as well, but they are exciting ways of using this creative app to other purposes than its original one.

Should you try it?

As I said, it’s up to you to decide. You may want to return to the first question of this article and ask yourself: “Are you happy with your life?”

And if you hesitate for a moment before answering it, you may want to try something that makes you more confident in dealing with the natural difficulties in your life. Symblify can be a good choice.


You can download the app from the App Store.


Get in the mood of symblifying – with sounds ON wink 

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