Everything Is Allowed That Is Not Forbidden

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There’s a rule, a surprisingly simple yet extremely important rule that’s necessary to reach your full potential in life.

Everything is allowed that is not forbidden.

Memorize this rule, because it will help you in various situations, challenges and difficulties in life. This single rule will make a difference when it’s about success or failure, advancement or stall, ease or hardships.

Everything is allowed that is not forbidden.

A huge amount of the rules, taboos, obstacles that we meet in life exists only in our mind. These are things that are not actually forbidden, no one told us in the actual situation that we should not do them, no specific rules regulate them.

We just THINK that we musn’t or shouldn’t do them.

These are barriers we built up in our heads to keep us safe from the imagined dangers of the world. They are rooted in our childhood, and are based on bad experiences when we were unreasonably told not to do things we wanted to do.

I can’t ask for the help of a stranger.

I shouldn’t use funny pics in my monthly presentation.

I can’t just ask this from my boss.

I have to complete that task in the regular way.

I shouldn’t express my concerns in front of the team.

I can’t leave family for two weeks only to get some inspiration.

I can’t go out in sweatsuit.

Sounds familiar, does it? So next time when you get into a situation where you hear yourself saying or thinking

“I can’t do that!” (or “I have to do that!”), ask yourself:

Really? Can’t I really do that? Or I just musn’t do that. I’m not allowed to do that.

And then, if the answer is ‘yes’, ask yourself:

Really? Am I really not allowed to do that? Or I just ASSUME that I’m not allowed to do that.

You will be surprised how many times will your answers be a ‘double yes’ to these questions.

Then all you need to do is to ask the 3rd question:

Why not?

And then do it. Take action. Experiment. Try it. Life is not about fatal decisions. In fact, very few of our decisions are fatal. So why not try it?

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

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Everything is allowed that is not forbidden.

Let me tell a joke at the end.

The bunny is walking in the forest and meets the wolf. She says: “Hey, wolf, you are on my blacklist, I have to kill you.” The wolf freezes and the bunny stabs him.

The bunny walks on and meets the fox. She says: “Hey, fox, you are on my blacklist, I have to kill you.” The fox freezes and the bunny stabs him too.

The bunny walks on and meets the bear. She says: “Hey, bear, you are on my blacklist, I have to kill you.”

The bear says: “Wait, bunny, can’t you just remove me from that list?” “Sure, no problem,” answers the bunny and crosses the bear’s name on the list.

Don’t freeze. Why not give it a chance?

Everything is allowed that is not forbidden.

Give it a try today.

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