7 Inspiring Apps I Would Bring to a Desert Island

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Imagine that you are heading for a desert island to refresh your body, your mind and your heart. But you don’t want to close the whole world out, as you want to stay inspired. In fact, this is your purpose: to get inspired by being far away from the world, and letting only the most inspiring parts inside. Let’s assume that you will have electricity on this desert island.

What are the 7 apps you would take along on your trip?

I like to do this kind of thought experiment sometimes when it’s about to prioritize among my beloved things, such as activities, hobbies, music, books or TV series.

This time, I did it with the apps I use.

There are tons of useful and entertaining apps available for almost any purposes, and I use a lot of them myself regularly. But only a few of them are really inspiring me in the everyday rush.

I made this subjective list of my personal favorites to keep me inspired and to help me turn my ideas into tangible outcomes.

1. Blinkist Premium

I like reading a lot. But I don’t have enough time in my life to read all the books I am curious about. That’s why I use Blinkist. It is a clear and well-structured app that offers approx. 15 minutes long summaries of bestselling nonfiction books. I can choose to read or even just listen to them on the go, as Blinkist provides audio version of these summaries too.

It is very effective to keep me updated in my professional area, especially regarding leadership.

Mostly because no one has the time to read all the books, even only the best ones, in his or her professional field. Blinkist helps you stay updated, and find the ones you will then buy and read thoroughly.

$12.99 per month

2. Bloglovin’

I like getting fresh information regarding new stuffs (e.g. arts, films, music) and get inspired by them. But I also like to select and screen what I’m interested in. There is a lot of useless information out there, and I don’t want to be distracted by them.

Bloglovin’ app helps me doing this: to keep up with my favorite bloggers and even Youtube vloggers, and to see only the ones that are important and valuable for me.

It’s very easy to use: I can follow my favorite blogs in one place, in one feed, and it allows me to discover new blogs as well. It’s perfect for keeping the blogs I read organized, and for finding new ones without getting lost in the sea of information.

$ free

One of my inspiring apps is Symblify Life Coach App


3. Symblify

Improving myself, my relationships, and my self-awareness is essential to me. Not only because of my profession, but because I truly believe life is about continuous improvement. But often, it is hard to do it alone.

Symblify is literally a life coach in my pocket, as its slogan says. It’s a self-coaching app that helps me to deal with my problems on my own. It offers useful questions and life coaching guidance, but it has a unique feature, and that’s why I really love this app.

Symblify works with symbols, and this makes the whole thing not only fun but also much more effective.

When thinking about my topic, beside words, I can use symbol cards that spark my intuition and make it easy to get a deeper understanding of my situation. All in all, Symblify always helps me to organize my thoughts and feelings, and change perspective. It gives me a relief when I find some ideas from where I can get started with the solution.


4. Monument Valley (1 & 2)

This beautiful puzzle game serves not just for fun. Monument Valley travels me to a secret world where I have to get out of, or the top of impossible architectures. As it shows impossible geometry, I have to think flexible in order to change perspectives. Then, after several retries, I need a twist in mind to solve the puzzles.

I can remember myself to use the skills I practiced in this game during my work as well. Besides, it loosens my mind up after a tiring day to be able to focus on my tasks again.

$ 5.99 & $4.99 (including part 2 and forgotten shores)

Mindly is an inspiring mind mapping app.

Mindly Plus

5. Mindly Plus

I always have a lot of ideas, especially when I plan to create or start something new (e.g., to write a longer post, or to develop a tool in my professional practice). But if I have too many unstructured ideas, it blocks my inspiration after a while. So I need structure. When I finally bring myself to organize my ideas, they start to flow again, and I can see what to do next.

Mindly Plus provides a perfect platform for me to do this. It’s like a mind mapping app, but it’s easier to use even on a smaller screen. I like it because it’s just as simple and as complex as it has to be.


6. Notability

I like beautifully designed things and I like taking notes too. But the two things rarely comes together. But with Notability, I can take notes and sketch ideas not just in a practical but even in a beautiful way. I met the app at a friend who planned to redesign his terrace and garden behind his house. He sketched his ideas, and shared with us while we were talking. It was fabulous.

This app really helps ideas make happen.

Since then I’ve been using it with my team to record and illustrate meetings, and it’s amazing to see how it makes them energized to contribute.


Symblify Life Coach App

The life coach in your pocket

A real game changer life coach app

Reach your goals in a simple way by symbols

7. Headspace

In nature everything has a rhythm. We people also do have. It means that from time to time we need to stop and relax to be able to start and do something again. So it’s worth to plan breaks and recreation for our mind as well. Headspace is a neat app that helps me clear up my mind and get ready for new ideas. It’s like fresh air, it brings fresh thinking.

Its slogan says: brilliant things happen in calm minds, and I can totally confirm that statement. My favorite feature is ‘Mindful Moments’ to keep me present throughout the day.

$12.99 per month

There are plenty of stimuli around us: some of them are inspiring and others are distracting. However, we definitely need stimuli for inspiration. That’s why it’s important to carefully select what we use our limited attention for. These apps above are not only good in getting us inspired.

They are also very helpful in providing motivation and structured frames for turning our thoughts, ideas and energy into real outcomes, instead of daydreaming or puzzling around the same problems over and over again.

Hope you enjoyed the post.
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  1. Katie from OutwitTrade

    Cool to see you link to Blinkist 🙂 I’ve been using them for the past few months to summarize books since I’m so busy. Great service overall. We’ve reviewed them & collected a bunch of user reviews and most people like them. Just a handful of people who say their book summaries are not that good.


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