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Did you know that the average price of a life coach session in the U.S. is $57.00?

That means an average life coach process of 12 sessions costs $684.00.

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Questions people usually ask before downloading Symblify®

Do I need a monthly subscription to use the app?

No. By downloading the app you get lifetime access for the full version of Symblify®.

Do I need to register to use the app?

No, absolutely no registration is needed. We take your privacy very seriously, we do not ask for or collect any kind of personal data from you in the app. This also makes using the app more easy and lets you concentrate on the important things.

How is it different than a self-help book?

Self help books can be useful to read about how you should live your life to be more happy, balanced or successful. They give you advice which are sometimes relevant to your own life and sometimes not. However, a book can’t talk about your exact difficulties and can’t provide solutions for your specific situations.

Symblify® does not give you any advice as we truly believe that you have everything you need in your mind to solve your own difficulties alone. Symblify® makes you ready to find your own hidden resources, think through your own specific challenges in life, see your problems from a different perspective and find your own solutions in an incredibly efficient way.

I used a habit tracker before. Is Symblify® similar to a habit tracker app?

Not really. There is a big advantage of Symblify® compared to any habit or goal tracker app. You don’t need to use it in a strict and regular way to get full of its benefits. Symblify® is not about setting your daily goals, tracking them constantly and keeping your habits in a disciplined way.

Symblify® is about getting a difficult problem in your life solved, untangling a situation when you feel stuck, gaining deeper understanding and changing perspective. It can be, however, very useful to use Symblify® in a regular way to constantly deepen your self-knowledge and improve your skills in handling difficult situations alone.

How much time does it take to get a problem solved?

Based on the user’s experience so far a typical Symblify® session takes between 20 to 30 minutes. This time is  usually enough to take one step foward in the solution of any kind of problem with Symblify®.

Are there in-app purchases?

By downloading Symblify® you get a fully working app with an excellent session script for solving any kind of problems and with a card set of 130 beautiful symbol cards.

However, you can expand your script and card set collection any time via in-app purchases. We are currently offering one extra script to deepen your self-knowledge (Be Yourself More) and one extra card set to widen your options when selecting cards during your sessions.

I’m not a techie… Will I get by with it?

Absolutely. Using Symblify® is much easier than most productivity apps. It’s so simple that you will have no problem using it even if this will be the first app in your life.

Do I need any previous experience to use it efficiently?

No. Anybody can get his or her difficulties solved with Symblify® regardless having any previous experience in any kind of self-improvement method. That’s the point of the app, as it provides an easy-to-use, intuitive solution for anybody who wants to deal with life’s difficulties in an efficient way.

What kind of issues can I use it for?

Symblify® is practically capable of helping you to solve any kind of problem, challenge or difficult situation in your life. The built-in ‘Find Your Solutions’ script provides a powerful process made of professionally phrased questions. These questions are specific enough to boost your mind’s hidden resources but general enough to be relevant to any kind of topic you bring to a Symblify® session.

Is it good for thinking through business-related problems?

Absolutely. You don’t have two lives: one private life and one business life. Your private life’s problems affect your workplace behavior and your business-related difficulties have an effect on your personal life.

Many of our users shared their experience about solving workplace conflicts, career dilemmas or leadership challenges by having one or more Symblify® sessions.

Sounds good.

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